About Urbane Phones and iPhone Customizations

What does Urbane mean?

(of a phone) suave, courteous, and refined in manner, reflecting elegance, sophistication, etc., especially in expression

Urbane Phones is an American company that strives to bring the highest quality iPhone customization's at an affordable price. Urbane Phones will completely give your current iPhone a new look making it more attractive and luxurious. Pick up a iPhone housing today to make your iPhone unique and customized the realest way possible.

Our product is a high quality aluminum custom frame housing that will replace the stock frame housing that is currently on the back of your device. Our product is not a phone case or sticker, this product was designed by our team to perfectly replace the stock housing. This keeps your phone from being bulky or look cheap, your phone will be slim and stylish. All of our phone housings come with a new set of button colors so your phone is customized the realest way possible. Our product will give your device a fresh appealing new look.

Our mission here at Urbane Phones it customize every iPhone a unique and luxurious way with out having to pay the expensive price. We have the highest quality products for the least expensive price. Visit our product pages to see our prices and customize your phone the realest way possible.