iPhone 6s Plus Custom Housings

Tired of looking at the same housing your iPhone 6 Plus came in day after day? Or perhaps you don't want it looking like every other iPhone 6 out there. You could buy a new case for it and slip it inside, or you can do one better and get a completely new housing altogether, the best and realest way to make your phone look unique and tailor-made. For the very best iPhone customization housings, we have exactly what you're looking for.

At Urbane Phones, our custom iPhone housings are available in various colors like blue, red, black and white, our iPhone customization housings are made from the same high quality aluminum that the stock housing your phone came in was made from. We also have carbon fiber variants and these housings are specially made to fit your phone perfectly and have it looking like a luxurious, bespoke device.

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