iPhone 6 Custom Housings

For the ultimate way to have your iPhone 6 phones looking like custom iPhones, changing the housing is the way to go. Made from the same high quality aluminum that the original phone housing is made of, the custom iPhone housings we have available come in a variety of colors like red, black, white and blue. We also have them in carbon fiber variants, to really make your phone stand out from all others out there.

Designed to fit your phone perfectly, the custom iPhones housing we have here at Urbane Phones are like no other and you can switch it up by getting buttons of a color different from the rest of the housing. It's also a good way to have your phone looking brand new when you've had it for a while and it's starting to show signs of age. Transform your phone into a luxurious, bespoke device with custom iPhone housing for any iPhone 6 phone.

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